Town Garden Beside a Copse

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The clients of this property had recently added a new conservatory onto their lounge and wanted to look out on to a garden full of interest with plenty of space to entertain their friends. The existing garden was very dated, laid mostly to lawn with small borders and overgrown shrubs. The ground rose sharply on one side leading up to a garden shed and gateway to a local park. A silver birch tree in the centre of the garden had a preservation order, so it had to remain.

All of the existing large shrubs were removed, new levels formed, the ground excavated a retaining wall built to form raised planting borders and an upper lounging area in front of the garden shed.

The design included a lower terrace, constructed in sandstone paving to encircle the conservatory. A circular pool forms the main focal point built behind the retaining wall, with water gently falling from a shoot on to stones below. Phormiums and grasses give a striking backcloth and separate the upper terrace from the main garden with a simple pergola, planted with honeysuckle and clematis. The garden shed was repainted to give a more contemporary look. A sloping pathway constructed with new railway sleepers is shielded from the terrace by a small bamboo hedge, to form a hidden route around the side of the garden. The planting scheme includes hydrangeas, peonies, shrub roses, honeysuckle, anemones, geraniums and alchemilla mollis that blend in naturally with the woodland copse beyond the garden fence.

This lovely garden now flows with soft lines with wider borders, a new lawn now surrounds the birch tree and curved steps link the lawn with the upper terrace. A perfect place to for the family to relax and enjoy the scene all through the seasons.