Village Garden Planting Project

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This property is situated in the heart of a small village estate. The owners brief was to bring their garden to life with a planting scheme of a contemporary style to fill the existing formal terraced borders. Plants and tones to be of a limited palate of mainly greens, limes, whites and purples.

Tall Portuguese laurel already provided some privacy from neighbouring properties, Pyrus Chanticleer trees now softly screen the overlooked sides of the garden. Three multi-stemmed crab apple trees add height and structure to the central borders, bringing beautiful spring blossom and small fruits for a glorious autumn show. To extend the season, evergreen pyracantha with its bright berries add splashes of bright orange, whilst tall grasses brings texture and movement through the winter months. During summer, mounds of lavender, salvia and geraniums fill the garden and for foliage contrast, small variegated shrubs and choysia punctuate the borders. In spring time miniature narcissus and purple and white tulips emerge to steal the show. A multitude of seasonally planted terracotta pots break up the hard landscaping.

At the end of the garden a small pool reflects the sky and overhanging sedges. White roses and late flowering hydrangeas give a cool air. Here, a garden seat provides a perfect place to sit and admire the scene.